icons8-quote_left_filledI have been employed with Goodwill since 2014.  Shortly after starting, I was introduced to the National Cooperative Purchasing Program (NCPP).  With each Goodwill region acting as its own entity, the NCPP is a great program to assist each region with cost savings by combining volumes on similar product categories, resulting in more mission money. Some examples of savings include: approximately $50k annually on shopping bags by combining volume and changing specs, initial savings of $4.5k on hangers and savings on rubber bands.  In addition, NCPP is a great resource for the purchasing departments to collaborate on processes, procedures, and advice, which helps develop and grow individuals to their fullest potential.”

Carol Frank, Purchasing Leader
Goodwill of North Central Wisconsin

icons8-quote_left_filledWe started working with the Goodwill National Cooperative Purchasing group in November of 2014. There are tremendous savings to be realized on supplies/services that every Goodwill uses, some examples of our savings – 53% on Vinyl gloves, 59% on hangers, 59% on T-shirt bags and 64% on paper towels just to name a few. The purchasing group continues to add additional savings on high quality products/services and over the next fiscal year we expect our savings to be in the neighborhood of $300,000!”

April Sliwowski
Easter Seals Goodwill Northern Rocky Mountain